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Petals of Life

In Petals of Life (1937) George Adamski compiled twelve metaphysical poems about spiritual growth, or — the evolution of consciousness. This facsimile reproduction includes an introduction detailing the history of Adamski’s Royal Order of Tibet.
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The Adamski Book of UFO/UAP Disclosure

The Adamski Book of UFO/UAP Disclosure takes to task both UFO debunkers and disclosure advocates by bringing together the evidence that shows George Adamski was correct about the fundamentals of the UFO phenomenon, based on confirmations from relevant authoritative sources. With its comprehensive overview of the information about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth that has been disclosed so far it is also an indispensible read for every UFO enthusiast. Read more…

George Adamski – Letters to Emma Martinelli

George Adamski’s letters to his student Emma Martinelli, written between 1950 and 1952, shed light on a pivotal phase in his mission, and underscores the central thread of his teaching about the Oneness and universality of Life.
The introduction provides the historical context in which these letters were written, challenges many of the commonly-held beliefs of critics and detractors, and casts a new and unexpected light on matters that were long considered foregone conclusions by most other writers. Read more…

Pioneers of Oneness – The science and spirituality of UFOs and the Space Brothers

In this groundbreaking new study Gerard Aartsen reveals how today’s ongoing conflicts and perilous tensions are actually the birth pangs of a new sense of oneness in the evolution of consciousness, and shows that humanity’s problems arise from our inability, as yet, to manifest this essential underlying unity. Read more…

Available in English, Dutch, and French. A Finnish translation is in progress.

The Sea of Consciousness

feat. George Adamski’s lost debut, The Invisible Ocean

In The Sea of Consciousness Gerard Aartsen presents George Adamski’s earliest teaching about the evolution of consciousness in the context of 21st-century systems science, and reveals how Adamski’s philosophy and teaching were far ahead of their time. Read more

Available in English and French.

Before Disclosure – Dispelling the Fog of Speculation


As highly speculative accounts of possible doom from space began to take precedence in the 1960s, the accounts of the original contactees were being derided and dismissed, and increasingly they were portrayed as mystics who were trying to peddle some new kind of religion to the gullible. Read more…

Available in print or as a free eBook in English, Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, and French.


Priorities for a Planet in Transition – The Space Brothers’ Case for Justice and Freedom

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Beyond speculation and sensationalism, this book brings together a significant body of authentic information about life on the other planets in our solar system, as reported by contactees the world over. Read more…

Available in English, French, Japanese, Dutch and Spanish.


Here to Help: UFOs and the Space Brothers (2nd edition)

Exploring the facts behind the myths, this book reframes the debate about the reality of the space visitors in view of the unprecedented changes engulfing the world today. Read more…

Available in English, French, Japanese and Dutch.

George Adamski – A Herald for the Space Brothers (2nd edition)

The most famous of the ‘contactees’ since the advent of the UFO phenomenon in the second half of the 1940s, George Adamski (1891-1965) was all but forgotten after he had become the victim of a brutal disinformation campaign to discredit his experiences and ridicule his mission. Read more…

Available in English, French, Japanese, German and Dutch.