ANNOUNCING: The Adamski Book of UFO/UAP Disclosure

The celebration of George Adamski’s first contact in the desert continues –
70th Anniversary 1952 – 2022

UFO enthusiasts, disclosure activists, and sceptics take note!

Through the leaked US Navy videos of UAPs and the accounts of several scientists about contact with ET visitors, the enduring UFO enigma is finally being rid of its ‘fringe’ reputation. Seen in this context, and with confirmations from other disciplines George Adamski’s information now proves to be the first and foremost reliable source for disclosure of the reality of extraterrestrial visitors on Earth.

This handsome volume presents the latest insights about the ET presence from various disciplines alongside George Adamski’s accounts, to showcase the evidence and facts that every disclosure activist has been after and could have known since the 1950s, including:

– Images of saucer-shaped craft;
– Anomalous materials from UFOs;
– Contact with ET visitors;
– UFOs and nuclear devices;
– Consciousness is key;
– New paradigm emerging

Includes bonus material:
We Are Not Alone in the Universe. Six Essays on Flying Saucers and the significance of their appearance – Facsimile reprint of this rare 1958 Indian compilation of six essays by George Adamski, Brinsley le Poer Trench, Sisir K. Maitra and others.

The Adamski Book of UFO/UAP Disclosure will be available for pre-ordering from December 20, 2022.

Publication date: December 2022
Page count: 120 pages
Format: Hardcover, 23.5 x 19.1 cm (7.5 x 9.25″)
ISBN-13: 978-90-830336-4-8