2010: George Adamski – A Herald for the Space Brothers

(Out of print, pending a completely revised and enlarged edition)


The most famous of the ‘contactees’ since the advent of the UFO phenomenon in the second half of the 1940s, George Adamski (1891-1965) was all but forgotten after he had become the victim of a brutal disinformation campaign to discredit his experiences and ridicule his mission.

This book provides a unique and comprehensive overview of Adamski’s teaching and focuses, for the first time, on the true significance of his mission to inform humanity of our spiritual nature, our interplanetary brotherhood and the need to take responsibility for our home, planet Earth.

Using Adamski’s own words where possible, and making connections that have thus far been missed or ignored, this book shows how Adamski’s work as a harbinger for the Space Brothers and their teachings fits in squarely with the Ageless Wisdom tradition as handed down through the ages by the Elder Brothers of humanity – the Masters of Wisdom with whom Adamski studied as a teenager. In doing so this book places his mission in a context larger in scope than even most of his supporters could have fathomed.


“…Gerard Aartsen rehabilitates Adamski’s reputation in the light of the Ageless Wisdom teaching… Adamski still has a message to teach us about the universality of life and the individual responsibility required to make our world a better place.”
Nexus magazine, February-March 2011

“Gerard Aartsen does an invaluable service in bringing [Adamski’s lesser known writings] to our attention in this scholarly book.”
Phyllis Power, PhD, Share International magazine, September 2010
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“…a refreshing look… Aartsen succeeds admirably with his main aim of presenting information about Adamski’s life, experiences and philosophy that many would not have known about.”
– Michael E. Salla, PhD, Exopolitics News, August 2010
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Dutch edition reviewed by Ufowijzer.nl

English edition
George Adamski – A Herald for the Space Brothers
BGA Publications, 2nd edition, January 2012, 158 pages; ISBN-13: 978-90-8154-952-3

Dutch edition
George Adamski – Gezant van de Ruimtebroeders
BGA Publications/Boekenbent 2011, 172 pages; ISBN-13: 978-90-8570-683-0

Japanese edition:
ジョージ・アダムスキー  不朽の叡智に照らして
Arte 2012, 192 pages; ISBN-13: 978-4434172328

German edition:
George Adamski – Gesandter der Raumbrüder
epubli GmbH 2013, 176 pages; ISBN-13: 978-3844257045

French edition:
George Adamski – Héraut des Gens de l’Espace
Ed. Pierre Cocheril, 2016, 140 pages; ISBN-13: 978-1-326-73062-8

A Spanish translation is in progress.