2019: The Sea of Consciousness

Includes the integral text of George Adamski’s lost debut, The Invisible Ocean, from 1932.

In The Sea of Consciousness Gerard Aartsen presents George Adamski’s earliest teaching about the evolution of consciousness in the context of 21st-century systems science – which holds that nothing is separate, that everything interacts and evolves as an integral system – and reveals how Adamski’s philosophy and teaching were far ahead of their time.

Reading Adamski’s first publication alongside the insights from the very forefront of 21st-century scientific thinking should prompt a complete reassessment of his work on the part of everyone who is less than convinced Adamski could be speaking from a higher level of understanding than most of us have access to.

This is a volume of historical importance that could well signal the ultimate rehabilitation of George Adamski’s reputation.


The Sea of Consciousness is an important contribution to our understanding of the early years of George Adamski. It is carefully referenced with an eight-page Adamski bibliography. This work will be of interest not only to ufologists and aficionados of contactee literature but also to academic scholars of Western Esotericism. Gerard Aartsen is to be commended for this excellent effort to share an important historical document.”
–Hkan Blomqvist, AFU/UFOarchives blog, 25 May 2019
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English edition:
The Sea of Consciousness – The Invisible Ocean
BGA Publications 2019, 112 pages; ISBN: 978-90-9031695-6