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Interview that Grant Cameron recently did:

Interview with Timo Tahvanainen of Shadow Camera, Finland (with Finnish translator), at the Ultra Conference in Kuortane, July 2018:

Interview on Shirley MacLaine’s Independent Expressions radio show with Brit Elders, May 2018:

Interview with Jacques Halbronn, righ after my presentation for Partage International in Paris, France, 25 March 2018:

“Priorities for a Planet in Transition”. Interview with Carol Rosin, May 2016:

Talk at the Cobham Lecture Theatre, Bournemouth University, for the Bournemouth Society of Art, Philosophy and Theosophy, UK, 12 May 2012 (produced by Bill Coones):

Interview with Michael Smith, New York, April 2012:

Talk on the invitation of Share International, New York City, April 2012: “UFOs and the Space Brothers – Here to Help” (produced by MS Editorials):

Interview on The Moore Show, UK with Kevin Moore, January 2012:

“George Adamski and the Transformation of the World”. Presentation at the 3rd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo, University of Leeds, 7 August 2011.