2020: Pioneers of Oneness – The science and spirituality of UFOs and the Space Brothers

In this groundbreaking new study, researcher and educator Gerard Aartsen brings a comprehensiveness rarely seen in the inquiry into the reality of extraterrestrial visitors.

The threefold character of his methodology is what makes the author’s research so exhaustive and his conclusions so compelling. Referencing the findings of systems science, Aartsen synthesizes and corroborates key elements from the spiritual/philosophical tradition known as the Ageless Wisdom teaching with cross-referenced accounts of those who have been contacted by extraterrestrial visitors. In this way the reader arrives at an entirely new understanding about the nature of life on our planet and in Cosmos itself, devoid of mysticism, sensationalism or superficiality.

Every chapter overflows with lucid insights derived from the author’s synthetic methodology. Momentous world events are placed in context and viewed from the perspectives of the latest science and the ageless wisdom. The world we do have is constantly juxtaposed with the world we can have.

In the process, the author reveals how today’s ongoing conflicts and perilous tensions are actually the birth pangs of a new sense of oneness, and shows that humanity’s problems arise from our inability, as yet, to manifest this essential underlying unity.
Going well beyond the question if they are here among us – for which there is evidence in abundance – Pioneers of Oneness elucidates the intrinsic nature of the visitors from space, why they are here, and what is significant about their presence for humanity and our survival.

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Pioneers of Oneness – The science and spirituality of UFOs and the Space Brothers
Publication date: 29 October 2020.
276 pages
ISBN-13: 978-90-830336-0-0 (hardcover edition)