What people are saying

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Brit Elders, Independent Expression Radio (ShirleyMacLaine.com)
“I thoroughly enjoyed our time today. Gerard is so articulate and wasn’t at all disrupted when I posed an opposing view. I thought he responded in a way that clarified and ratified his point beautifully. There are so many aspects that we didn’t get to cover that I’ll probably have him back at some point in the future. (…) Our discussion today was also refreshing for our audio engineer, Manuel, as he expected typical UFO stories and we dove into social consciousness instead. (Something most don’t associate with Ufology).”

Carol Rosin, The Carol Rosin Show (American Freedom Radio)
“Gerard Aartsen is not only a great interviewee, absolutely brilliant, professional and articulate, but the cosmos-to-earth truth and reality information he presents is profoundly important for everyone to hear and understand, in all communities and cultures, for world peace to prevail and all that goes with it, and for our survival as a human species. His messages are so timely that I only wish I could get him cloned and speaking everywhere, now.  I hope he will be speaking before corporate, military, university and world leader audiences, and that people will read all of his books, especially the most recent one:  PRIORITIES FOR A PLANET IN TRANSITION.”

Andrea Perron, co-host of A World Awakening (USA)
“Gerard is truly a breath of fresh air in an increasingly polluted world riddled with lies and disinformation. He was brilliant and beautiful, a magnificent contributor to the cause, the greater good.”

Darin Crapo, UFO Planet (Canada):
“There is so much to cover in his book that we could have an entire series just on it alone. … He had everything right on the top of his head including names, dates etc.  Every interviewer’s dream!”

Paola Leopizzi Harris, author, researcher, exopolitics lecturer (USA/Italy):
“…read the books of Gerard Aartsen. He is a brilliant researcher from the Netherlands…”

Pat Uskert (co-creator of ‘UFO Hunters’), E.P.I.C. Voyages Radio (Inception Radio Network, USA):
“Gerard was awesome. We had a great conversation, and we actually ran out of time. There was much more I wanted to get to.”

Kevin Moore, The Moore Show (UK):
“One of the most fascinating interviews I have done in a while, and I mean that.”

Rob McConnell, The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show (Canada):
“It was a great interview! Very interesting.”

Benjamin Grundy & Aaron Wright, Mysterious Universe (Australia):
“Gerard was a great guest and it was a pleasure to speak with him.”

Barry Eaton, Radio Out There (Australia):
“The interview with Gerard went splendidly. He is a very knowledgeable author and easy to interview. We got along well and I’d be happy to have him back as a guest when his next book is published.”

Manoj Padhi, Daily Talk Show on Hind Today (India):
“I asked questions that are relevant to many of our listeners and [Gerard] answered convincingly. No doubt he is an expert in this domain.”

Ron van Dam, The Ron van Dam Show (WXBR 1460AM):
“Gerard is an excellent guest. He is extremely informative and engages in great conversation. I look forward to speaking with him again.”

Jamie Havican, The Jamie Havican Show (USA):
“I am having [Gerard] back when I finish the book … the show went great, and we could have talked another 4 hours.”

Sandra Sabatini, Other World Radio on BlogTalkRadio (USA):
“Outstanding interview!”

Rebecca Jernigan, Journeys with Rebecca on WolfSpiritRadio (USA):
“Gerard is well informed, articulate and shares his research that brings common sense believability and information to the audience beautifully. His enthusiasm and depth of details is fantastic!”

Dr Mercy (Margery Runyan), Seeking Serenity on WebTalkRadio (USA):
“Excellent, brilliant and right on the mark.”

Sheila Gale, The Sheila Gale Show on World Puja Radio (USA):
“Gerard is a wonderful guest… very articulate and knowledgeable.”

David Lively, The Morning Show on WBTN 1370AM (Bennington, Vermont, USA):
“I enjoyed talking to Gerard today. I thought the interview went smooth. I think our listeners enjoyed it… I did too.”

Gary Goldberg, In the Spirit on WRPI 91.5FM (Troy, NY, USA):
“I enjoyed his book and talking with him. Gerard was quite informative.”

Bobby Keegan, Readings (Project Freedom Radio Network, USA):
“Gerard Aartsen brings a whole new vision to the possibilities of a transformation for all mankind guided by our space brothers. He explains in detail the visitors agenda from the beginning of the UFO waves of the ’50s to the present day. Our listeners commented on his down to earth approach to explain the coming dawning of a new age. A fascinating interview that left all of us much more awake and aware of our present situation.”

Mike Lucas, PANG Radio (Inception Radio Network, USA):
“I believe his book and research shows us  compelling evidence we are not alone in the universe. Gerard loves his work, and I could feel this through out the interview. His book is a must read and will help our society as we enter a new plane of existence. Good stuff!!”

Ron Mills, The Chosen (Talktainment Radio, USA):
“Thanks to Mr. Aartsen again for being a guest on the show. He was a very informative guest!”

Rebbeca Jernigan, Journeys with Rebecca (Evolution FM and GlobtalTalk Radio, USA):
“What a FANTASTIC interview! He was wonderful as he was the first time on my show.”

Chase Kloetzke, Project White Paper (Inception Radio, USA):
“Gerard was such a pleasure to talk with. Although brilliant, he is so personable and engaging! Nick and I sincerely cannot wait to invite him back. His insights into the beginning of modern Ufology and why we must understand this before we can completely comprehend the reported events of today is more than relevant. He is one of the few that has studied and reveals the facts behind the myths.”

Dayna Winters, ISIS Investigations (BlogTalkRadio, USA):
“Gerard Aartsen was an outstanding guest!  He’s articulate, well-spoken, and he really has a handle on his research.”

Maarten Horst, ET-First Contact Radio (BBS Station 1):
“I was delighted to have Gerard on the show tonight. We spoke about the universal wisdom of the space brothers and how the work of Adamski inspired Gerard to write about his life.”

Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics (BlogTalkRadio):
“The interview with Gerard was fantastic!  Talking with him was truly fascinating.  I hope I can make him a regular guest.”

Paul Eno, Behind the Paranormal (WOON 1240AM):
“Mr. Aartsen was a delightful guest. His English is excellent, he is well spoken, and he answered even the most difficult questions with aplomb. It’s a difficult subject, but he did well. I would like to have him back again sometime.

Zita Ost, The Buzz (Z-Talk Radio):
“Gerard was a great guest. I had no idea where the interview would go but a ton of information and insight came out of it. It’s a fascinating topic and we only covered a small portion of it. I would love to have Gerard back onto The Buzz and explore more of this topic anytime.
“I loved the book. It’s a small book with a huge content. There is so much information in it but it also pulls my interest to the extent of finding out more about the man and his work.”

Kate Valentine, The Kate Valentine UFO Show (WVNJ 1160AM):
“In a word – inspiring. Sincere, thoughtful, well informed and able to make his points on a subject that some seem to feel is nonsense. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to him and our audience seemed to feel the same way.
“I had thought for the longest time that George Adamski was some silly little guy selling bogus material. Well – my eyes are opened. Thank you not only for the interview but for your book as well.”

Renato Ferraz, UFOs and Time Travel (BlogTalkRadio):
“It was a pleasure having Gerard on the show. I think he is a very sane-minded and down to earth person … and has the ability to get the message across. The fact that he is able to do it in multiple languages is also a good thing.”