“The Ageless Wisdom teachings are the means by which humanity is kept informed of its essential divinity and of its journey of evolution toward perfection.” -Benjamin Creme

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Read today what the world will learn tomorrow

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Contactees from around the world agree:

The Human Form is a Universal Occurrence

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Nov 3, 2013: The Japanese website Cosmic Consciousness (formerly the Yokohama chapter of the Japanese Get Acquainted Program) promotes the Japanese edition of Here to Help: UFOs and the Space Brothers on their homepage:

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The ET Presence: Some Facts

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Increasing number of officials and dignitaries state: ‘UFOs Not A Nonsense’

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If you take the extraterrestrial presence seriously, you are in good company…

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A profound change in our perception of life

Since 1875 humanity has been prepared for the most profound change in our perception of the world and ourselves through the teachings that have been released by the Masters of Wisdom. Shackled by our materialistic world view, we have lost sight of our innate divinity as the true source of our being, threatening the very survival of the planet through separativeness, greed and competition.

With the return of our Elder Brothers – the Masters, headed by the World Teacher – and the coming of the Space Brothers now, at the dawn of the new Age of Aquarius, humanity will be inspired to create a new civilization through sharing and co-operation, based on a realization of our essential oneness.

And as the world re-awakens to this spiritual dimension of life, people will turn increasingly to the Ageless Wisdom teaching to know and understand more of themselves – their real Selves – and the Universe that we live in.

Gerard Aartsen has been studying and researching the Ageless Wisdom teachings for over 30 years. In his publications and through interviews and talks, he shares his insights, experiences and views to help readers and listeners make sense of the climactic changes that we experience in this time of transition. More about Gerard Aartsen

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